New iPhone – lefties beware

Well some things are just too funny. Funny for everyone who is not affected that is. If we had this problem this post would likely have a different tone to it. As it turns out the new iPhone is having a few difficulties it would seem. A few are minor like screen discoloration, etc. However, a few are not. For those of you reading this who are not familiar with the new phone there is a metal antenna band around the phone that saves space by making the case an antenna. I suppose the QC team at Apple is all right handed because it would appear that if you grip it with your left hand, there is an almost immediate signal drop. (just what we all want, a trick to make my already abhorrent AT&T signal even worse). Dozens of videos are posted everywhere but for the lazy we just will link you to one here.

Seems that recalls and big business shortcuts are a modern trend. This is certainly too early to say if this was simply an oversight on Apple’s part or if it was another example of rushed production, cost cutting, or just plain slip up in the attention to detail. In any event though it is quite disturbing. Many have complained of their phones shattering on minor falls, cracking, easily scratching, etc. Our guess is that the folks at Apple will be working late tonight on this one.

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