New RIM tablet

RIM gave a demo today of their newest attempt to stay relevant in the space; the PlayBook Tablet. Take a look here:

This is their soon-to-be tablet that will feature a new operating system that they have not released before. Oddly enough, they actually bought a company who makes another OS all together called QNX. To us, releasing a tablet, late, in a market where you have just watched your competition speed past you like a Road Runner cartoon, then to feature an OS not your own signals major trouble. While I completely understand their need to replace the antiquated OS based on my experience with the newest Blackberry, I am hesitant to think that this newest device is capable of helping them out any.

For comparison’s sake, take a look at this graphic, taken without permission (but a very pleasant “may I please) from VisionMobile:

I show this because in the video you will notice that he mentions opening the platform so developers can start making apps. Curious because we are not seeing a whole lot of interest in that activity. They are ranked 6 here, way behind Android and iPhone.

In short, not holding our breath. Looking forward to seeing it though.

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