Microsoft and Adobe? Huh?

Earlier this month executives from Microsoft and Adobe united for a meeting to discuss mutual arch rival Apple. It would seem as though they were putting their proverbial heads together to see what they can do to stop the runaway train that is their biggest threat. However, when we read this article stating that inside sources claimed that a possible purchase of Adobe by Microsoft, casual curiosity turned quickly to outright confusion and possibly disgust.

We have been using Adobe products for years around here; so has everyone I know. There is a reason for that; they work great. Over the years, their tighter integration with each other has made some late nights at the office trying to figure a way around a particular issue a distant memory. Microsoft on the other hand continues to deliver products that are unnecessarily difficult to use, buggy, or just plain don’t work properly. Putting these companies together seems odd, to put it gently.

We will keep an eye on this but for now, we stand hopeful that such a thing would not happen.

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