Adobe’s Plenoptic

Every year we visit PhotoPlus Expo, regularly visit B+H, as well as snap countless frames for personal and client use. As with any industry, photography is inundated with gadgets, add-ons, and accessories. It is for this reason that each new “thingy” is met with caution as most are simply gimmicks. This one might end up being one as well but for the time being, this thing is pretty wild.

It is made by Adobe and is called Plenoptic. Essentially a set of lenses. They use a matrix of smaller lenses to construct an image made up of multiple smaller images. When paired with special Adobe software, the end result allows you to focus on any area of the image after the shot has been taken. While this seems to be a bit off from being sold at B+H, it does appear to be imminent.

I do think this is an impressive technology, let’s make no mistake about it. My chief concern here however is that now, every remaining Joe with a camera and a few extra bucks to buck up for a special lens will call themselves a wedding photographer. No need to even be any good anymore really. Just point, click, and spend two hours in Aperture or Lightroom adjusting focus, color balance, cropping, etc. While this is pretty interesting stuff, I still see no need to replace actual talent.

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