Our move to a post PC world

In a world where smartphones went from huh? to everywhere in only a few short years, it leaves most wondering what comes next? Tablets? Smaller phones? Computers embedded in my eye and a keyboard that only I can see? Perhaps all of those things but one thing, according to Forrester, the computer paradigm is changing.

First on their list is the shift from desktop to everywhere. Computers are going from a fixed position entity to things that are everywhere. Computers are in virtually everything now. That is only going to augment over time.

Next is the shift from a formal computer relationship to a much more casual one. Since they will be everywhere we will interact with them with less effort and in more ways. Maybe checking email on digital tiles in your shower? I thought the crackberry was bad.

Next is that computers are moving closer to us, the human being. This means they are going cold hard boxes on your fancy Ikea desk to colorful, highly customized, communicators to the world; in your pocket. Even tablets, while somewhat larger, sit near you. Book readers are in your hands like an actual book would be. The computer is coming to us.

Last noted was that information is being gathered and viewed by physically getting it. Keyboards and mice, blah, that is yesterday’s news. Pinching, swiping, pulling, grabbing, swooshing away, now that is how today’s info seeker gets the job done.

The important lesson to learn here is that this is not some fantastical sci-fi, theoretical prediction. This is happening, now. The important thing to realize is that vendors and manufacturers need to recognize this shift now while it is still in transition so that they can position themselves in the market properly. As we have been saying for a while, it is a wonderful time to be in technology.

iPhone 5 rumors

What fun would iPhone be without rumors? It seems as though they start while people are still in those excruciatingly long lines trying to buy the current one. iPhone 5 is no different. Unfortunately this is not looking good for those who were hoping for an iPhone with a flux capacitor, was able to create perpetual motion, or could cook you dinner. It is far more likely that the new device will be a modest upgrade from the 4 with a few tidbits added.

Chief amongst them are upgraded cameras as well as inclusion of their A5 chip. Both of these are good news if you wanted to squeeze a bit more from the device. Bigger news seems to be that they could release it on Sprint and TMobile. A move like that would level the playing field a bit for the holiday season with Android et al given that Apple would be available in many more places

The iPhone 5 is due out in September.

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